Trail Building

505 Cycling is working directly with Albuquerque Open Space to establish a new trail (Trail 505) in the North Elena Foothills between Trail 230 and Trail 365.    Building a new trail is no easy task!  It has taken years of planning and collaboration with Open Space to get this trail off the ground (or in the ground ;).  The continued construction has been a collaboration of many, including:

-Sport Systems 505 Cycling
-Elevate PHW & Bike Works
-High Desert Bicycling 
- Open Space Trail Work Volunteers
- NM Volunteers for the Outdoors
​-East Mountain Recreational Committee

Upcoming Trail Building Days

Stay Tuned for 2018 Dates!

If you are interested in helping out, please contact us for more information!

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Trail Maintenance

505 Cycling proudly sponsors Trail 230 in the Albuquerque North Foothills.  We have multiple trail maintenance days where we work with the Open Space rangers to repair and improve the existing trail.


Our efforts this March (2016) at establishing a new section of trail on Trail 230 in the foothills most certainly took a whole village of people to complete.  We have to send a HUGE thank you out to our sponsor ELEVATE PHW, for bringing together a lot more people than we were expecting.  We were able to successfully cut and build a new section of trail, including the construction of a large rock wall.  Take a look at the pictures!

Road Cleanup

505 Cycling proudly sponsors a section of road along Tramway (between Candelaria and Comanche).  We complete multiple roadway cleanup days each year in an effort to keep our roads free of debris and trash.